Expect Solutions.


C6 Real Estate (“C6”) is a commercial real estate owner and investment manager. The C6 team has over 35 years of transaction history in excess of $2.5 billion. Our specialized skillsets combine capital re-structuring expertise with on-the-ground operational experience. The result is a unique approach that provides tailored solutions to real estate owners and fund managers.


core values

As a firm, we value transactions that benefit all stakeholders, created through an approach that focuses on problem-solving and long-term partnerships.

Our dedication to the following core values is best shown through our case study examples.



Creating Structures that Deliver Value to All

win-win interactions and creative solutions

No two situations in real estate are the same. Our extensive experience solving complex problems allows us to custom tailor each deal. All counter-parties are considered including investors, owners, sellers, lenders and others. By combining extensive direct acquisitions and recapitalization experience, we differentiate ourselves from other buyers and partners. C6 provides a variety of options and solutions to owners of portfolios that are not readily available in the market today. The result is a more sustainable approach to real estate; creating goodwill, credibility, and the flexibility to succeed in the long run across multiple transactions.

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Seeing Beyond the Surface

manufacturing opportunities to provide new options

C6 combines on-the-ground operational expertise with institutional private equity experience. By taking a fresh and detailed look at old situations, C6 brings new life to existing assets. Superior results are delivered by giving assets the time and capital they need to achieve their full potential. Value is what matters to C6; we cut through noise and uncover upside.

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Relationships Over Transactions

long term, scalable relationships with strategic partners

We prioritize long-term relationships with like-minded partners by aligning interests with a targeted focus on common investment goals. We prefer a collaborative approach with strategic partners to solve problems collectively and creatively. This approach enhances value above and beyond a typical transactional relationship.

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