Creating Structures that Deliver Value to All



In mid-2016, the C6 leadership team was involved with a portfolio recapitalization consisting of seven retail, mixed-use and development assets with an approximate value of $1.2 billion.

A new joint venture was formed to complete business plans to maximize value, providing additional time and fresh capital commitments.


strategic analysis and rationale

Our commitment to execution led to an expanding role across the portfolio. With the retail landscape rapidly changing, we prioritized tactical flexibility to maximize returns to the joint venture.

The C6 principals retained an asset management role in the portfolio by providing institutional quality analysis and advisory services. C6 approaches the engagement as a fiduciary to the joint venture, articulating the best paths to realizing proceeds.




C6 scope of asset management services for the portfolio include:


Recasting of the business plans to adapt to changing market conditions while considering the needs of the partnership.

Increasing coordination and transparency through facilitating more than a dozen key relationships involved in the portfolio, from executive decision makers to lead project managers at the assets.

Bolstering and supporting portfolio strategy, project tracking and analysis.




To-date the engagement has been productive, successful and well-received. Recast of business plans led to revisions to capital commitments and re-commitment to the overall portfolio monetization strategy. C6 streamlined this process and continues to assist in coordinating execution.

This engagement highlights our ability to provide a tailored solution by combining recapitalization skills with operational expertise. We spent considerable time in conversations with the senior teams and evolved our scope to ensure that what we provide benefits to the entire venture, giving all stakeholders comfort and building trust through a track record of execution.

This work also showcases our focus on maintaining and nurturing relationships. This engagement required significant investment of company resources, but C6 believes that delivering exceptional value to support strategic relationships is an attractive long-term investment.


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